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  • Newsletter 29 CVI-SIM
    Newsletter 29, emailed to subscribers 9 March 2021, explaining CVI-SIM, a virtual reality programme developed in partnership with the University of St Andrews.
  • CVI-SIM Virtual Reality Videos
    Page where we will upload videos of our Virtual Reality CVI Project with the University of St Andrews called CVI-SIM. Last update 26 January 2022.
  • CVI Simulation Films
    Copy of newsletter emailed to subscribers on 13th January 2020 to introduce CVI simulation films made in collaboration with the University of St Andrews.
  • CVI-SIM New Video
    CVI-SIM progress page, updated 12 March 2021 with new simulation video showing lower visual field impairment in a special needs classroom.
  • CVI-SIM new films
    We have created a number of new CVI-SIM films.
  • CVI Art - Gordon Dutton, CVI Academic
    Gordon Dutton’s presentation for the CVI Art exhibition, including a video from CVI-SIM, a poem and discussion around how CVI can be dynamic.
  • Newsletter 40 Explaining CVI Quickly
    Newsletter ’Explaining CVI Quickly’, with links to many videos, emailed to subscribers 26 April 2022.
  • Hemianopia
    Explaining what hemianopia is.
  • Homonymous Hemianopia (New Vision in Absent Visual Field) Paper
    Introduction and link to fascinating paper explaining how a person regained vision in their right visual field which was absent due to hemianopia following injury.
  • Trainee VI Teachers Tour
    A video guided tour of our website, written for people training to be specialist teachers.
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