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  • 1a - The Brain
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 1a The Brain
  • Posterior Cortical Atrophy
    Explaining what posterior cortical atrophy is, why vision is affected and many suggestions for support and help.
  • CVI Brain Event
    An alphabetical list of different brain events, for example stroke or injury caused during the birthing process, that can cause CVI.
  • Learning Emotions with CVI
    Further explanation of how having CVI affects learning to recognise how other people are feeling?
  • Homonymous Hemianopia (New Vision in Absent Visual Field) Paper
    Introduction and link to fascinating paper explaining how a person regained vision in their right visual field which was absent due to hemianopia following injury.
  • 1g - Conclusion
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 1 The Brain, Conclusion
  • Pick & Mix, A-Z Labels
    Alphabetical list of the labels used to describe learning, behavioural and developmental difficulties in children with CVI, and what they mean.
  • 3b - Visual Acuity
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 3b Introduction to the Visual Brain, Visual Acuity
  • 8b - Impaired Facial Recognition
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 8b CVIs Ventral, Impaired Facial Recognition


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