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  • Clutter
    Section describing the negative impact of clutter on all aspects of the life of the person with CVI, and simple inexpensive suggestions to help.
  • Cluttered Classrooms Paper
    An introduction to a paper looking at the impact of clutter in classrooms for children with CVIs, but there are lessons for us all.
  • Nicola McDowell’s Blog (20) The war on cluttered classrooms
    In her Blog 20, Nicola McDowell is determined to start clearing the clutter from classrooms, marking the publication of her important paper in the JIVB.
  • Balint Syndrome
    Balint Syndrome is the most severe form of dorsal stream dysfunction.
  • School Support
    Experience school as a child with CVI might, to understand the challenges they face, to make the changes they need.
  • Amelia - Becoming An Independent Teenager
    Wonderful account from a mother, matching support to her daughters actual needs, and quite literally opening up the world to her.
  • Home: Learning - CVI Severely Learning Delayed
    Looking at creating optimal learning opportunities for people with CVI and severe learning challenges, at home, with practical examples and suggestions.
  • 7c - Simultanagnostic Vision
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 7c CVIs Movement and Dorsal, Simultanagnostic Vision
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (10) Acting on probable simultanagnostic vision
    Gordon Dutton explains why he believes that limited vision (due to simultanagnostic vision) is often unrecognised in children, and suggests how parent’s can learn this for themselves.
  • Issue 7 Light Gazing
    Copy of Newsletter 7, sent out on 8 January 2018 looking at changes in the home, clutter and light gazing.
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