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We have found 62 results across our website for keyword ‘Contrast Sensitivity’ — we have listed these below, ordered by best to least relevant match.

  • Contrast Sensitivity
    explaining how contrast sensitivity is measured as a percentage
  • Colour & Contrast Sensitivity
    A brief introduction to colour contrast sensitivity.
  • 3c - Colour (Spanish)
    Test page, under review and construction.
  • Facial Recognition
    A brief introduction to challenges with facial recognition due to reduced visual acuity and / or reduced colour contrast sensitivity.
  • Simultanagnosia Spectrum
    Simultanagnosia Spectrum Section - explaining different experiences
  • Movement
    A brief introduction to have movement has an affect on how we see things.
  • Sight-Sim
    Link to Sight-Sim website, software used to modify images to simulate the experience of varying visual acuity and reduced contrast sensitivity.
  • Simulated Images - Edinburgh
    images simulated by SightSim so show reduced visual acuity and reduced contrast sensitivity
  • Clutter
    Section describing the negative impact of clutter on all aspects of the life of the person with CVI, and simple inexpensive suggestions to help.
  • Newsletter 20
    Newsletter 20 considering which of the different CVIs affect facial recognition, emailed to subscribers 28 August 2019.
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