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  • Ravenscroft Reviews
    Link to the full video set of Conversations About CVI
  • Ravenscroft Reviews
    Link to the full serious of Conversations About CVI from Prof John Ravenscroft.
  • Newsletter 23 New Support Section
    Newsletter 23 emailed to subscribers on 12th May 2020, introducing our new major section Shopping For CVI Suggestions.
  • Newsletter 25 Different Understandings of CVI
    Newsletter emailed to subscribers 7 September 2020 discussing the different understandings of CVI, and why the causes are important for us all to know.
  • Newsletter 27 The CVI Puzzle
    Newsletter 27, emailed 4 Dec 2020, about the ’Dark Art’ of diagnosing CVI, explained through the CVI Puzzle.
  • Rachel Pilling’s Curious Mechanic Video
    Link to 6 minute video The Tale of the Curious Mechanic, explaining many elements of CVI.
  • Newsletter 24 Labels
    Newsletter 24, emailed to subscribers on 26th May 2020, about the labels used to describe the learning and behavioural difficulties children with CVI have.
  • The CVI Puzzle
    Key to optimal targeted support is understanding which combination of individual CVIs each person is affected by. If the brain altering event or injury are not known, it can be quite a puzzle to figure out. We explain.
  • Dr Amanda Lueck CVI ’Root-Causes’
    Dr Amanda Lueck, CVI expert educator from the USA, explains the need to understand the root causes of CVI.
  • Index (Talks & Lectures Section)
    Index page listing the different talks and lectures in this section.
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