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  • Posterior Cortical Atrophy
    Explaining what posterior cortical atrophy is, why vision is affected and many suggestions for support and help.
  • 1a - The Brain
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 1a The Brain
  • Issue 14 CVIs As Characters
    Copy of newsletter, emailed to subscribers on Monday 19 November 2018, where we introduce a cast of performers to explain CVIs.
  • Brain Reorganisation Paper
    Introduction to an amazing paper reporting on a child who, following brain surgery, showed that the brain seems to have an incredible capacity to reorganise itself.
  • Child with ’More than Blindsight’ Paper
    Fascinating paper about a boy who should be blind, but can see remarkably well - however beyond blindsight and Riddoch Syndrome, this boy can see colours without a primary visual cortex. Incredible!
  • 3b - Visual Acuity
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 3b Introduction to the Visual Brain, Visual Acuity
  • Newsletter 17 Cerebral or Cortical?
    Our Newsletter Issue 17, emailed on 9 May 2019, considering the difference between the terms cortical and cerebral visual impairments. Are they the same? Why does it matter?
  • Learning Emotions with CVI
    Further explanation of how having CVI affects learning to recognise how other people are feeling?
  • Paper showing that injury to the visual brain can lead to detectable changes in the eyes
    An introduction & link to a paper sharing important findings, about how the eyes are affected by brain injury, which could potentially lead to new ways to test for CVI using a simple eye examination.
  • Dorsal Stream Dysfunction and Neuroplasticity Paper
    Paper about the importance of neuroimaging as a tool to understand neuroplasticity, in turn to understand CVI, specifically looking at dorsal stream dysfunction.
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