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We have found 325 results across our website for keyword ‘Cortical Visual Impairment’ — we have listed these below, ordered by best to least relevant match.

  • Newsletter 17
    Our Newsletter Issue 17, emailed on 9 May 2019, considering the difference between the terms cortical and cerebral visual impairments. Are they the same? Why does it matter?
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (1)
    Professor Gordon Dutton, regarded internationally as one of the foremost experts on CVI has shared with us some of his thoughts and experiences.
  • Dr Amanda Lueck’s CVI Film for Perkins School (USA)
    Film explaining CVI by USA expert Dr Amanda Lueck, made by Perkins school for the Blind.
  • Homonymous Hemianopia (New Vision in Absent Visual Field) Paper
    Introduction and link to fascinating paper explaining how a person regained vision in their right visual field which was absent due to hemianopia following injury.
  • Simultanagnosia Spectrum Galleries of Case Studies
    New section Simultanagnosia Spectrum Gallery of Case Studies showing how different people experience simultanagnosia.
  • CVI Frights
    Why do some with CVI suddenly become frightened, agitated, angry or confused? In this new section the causes are considered, including looming, in relation to optic ataxia.
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (2)
    In his second blog for CVI Scotland, Gordon Dutton explains why in his experience, the most successful outcomes for children with CVI are lead not by doctors, but by loving families.
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (3)
    After learning about the nature of her child’s vision a mother of a child with CVI recently asked me “Where do I start?”
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (4)
    Simultanagnosia spectrum in children is said to be rare. Why?
  • Protective Shields - feeding a non-conscious urge to feel protected
    Many people affected by CVI have shared a need to feel protected. This section considers the reasons why, and ways that understanding can be turned into useful everyday strategies.
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