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  • Newsletter 28 CVI Clusters
    Newsletter 28 explaining how much more we need to learn about the underlying brain processes affecting vision, and important processes, which can be frustrating for some. Emailed to subscribers 11 Jan 2021.
  • Covid-19 VI in Education Report
    Introduction and link to report, from Northern Ireland vision charity Angel Eyes, on the impact Covid-19 has had on learning, for children with visual impairments.
  • A Corona Blog
    A special blog by Gordon Dutton from self-isolation on corona, for all those supporting people with CVI
  • Corona Blog 2
    A second blog from Gordon Dutton responding to feedback and concerns, highlighting at this difficult time the importance of remembering that with CVI, emotional needs come first.
  • Corona - Planning What’s Next
    Newsletter explaining why we believe every child with CVI needs an individual, flexible and agreed plan, before returning to school after the Corona Pandemic.
  • Transition Steps
    Our seven step approach for planning and organising changes. From small, to major transitions. Also useful for troubleshooting (identifying) existing problem areas.
  • School After Corona Pandemic (2020)
    Using our seven steps transition guide, to help plan going back to school after corona.
  • School After Corona Pandemic (2020) Non-Verbal
    Using our seven steps transition guide, to help plan going back to school after corona for non verbal children.
  • Transition Steps Non-Verbal Children
    A seven step approach to help planning for changes and events, for non-verbal children with CVI.
  • Tolerating Face Masks
    We know some children, particularly with visual impairments, dislike wearing a face mask. Here are a few suggestions that may help.
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