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  • Dementia
    Subsection of the acquired CVI section looking at causes of dementia.
  • Posterior Cortical Atrophy
    Explaining what posterior cortical atrophy is, why vision is affected and many suggestions for support and help.
  • CVI Brain Event
    An alphabetical list of different brain events, for example stroke or injury caused during the birthing process, that can cause CVI.
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (34) Stress of the New
    Gordon Dutton picks up on fascinating observations from Nicola McDowell’s blog 29 about visual difficulties encountered with a change of environment.
    Introduction to a number of pages explaining what acquired CVI means and different causes.
  • People can get CVI at any age
    CVI Facts - people can get one or more of the cerebral visual impairments at any age.
  • The CVI Puzzle
    Key to optimal targeted support is understanding which combination of individual CVIs each person is affected by. If the brain altering event or injury are not known, it can be quite a puzzle to figure out. We explain.
  • Issue 12 Simultanagnostic Vision
    Copy of Newsletter Issue 12, emailed on 21 August 2018, with our Default CVI proposal.
  • Newsletter 20 Facial Recognition
    Newsletter 20 considering which of the different CVIs affect facial recognition, emailed to subscribers 28 August 2019.
  • LOOK Upgrade
    Newsletter introducing new settings on LOOK reading tool, including saving settings and creating personal libraries.
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