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  • Pick & Mix, A-Z Labels
    Alphabetical list of the labels used to describe learning, behavioural and developmental difficulties in children with CVI, and what they mean.
  • 7b - Optic Ataxia
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 7b CVIs Movement and Dorsal, Optic Ataxia
  • Newsletter 24 Labels
    Newsletter 24, emailed to subscribers on 26th May 2020, about the labels used to describe the learning and behavioural difficulties children with CVI have.
  • Issue 11 CVIs or CVI?
    Newsletter 11, emailed on 5 June 2018.
  • Behaviours
    How behaviours affect the person with CVI.
  • Dorsal Stream Dysfunction Plus Paper
    Link to paper by Gordon Dutton describing a group of children with the milder symptoms of dorsal stream dysfunction, where the visual impairment may have gone unidentified.
  • CVIs
    List of brain related impairments of vision. Most, but not all, come under the umbrella term cerebral visual impairments (CVIs).
  • 3f - 3rd Dimension
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 3f Introduction to the Visual Brain, 3rd Dimension
  • 3g - Visual Attention
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 3g Introduction to the Visual Brain, Visual Attention


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