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  • Eating
    An approach to build up a better understanding of different foods, to help those with CVI learn different foods, tastes and combinations.
  • Moderate Learning Disability Case Study
    Case study looking at a typical school day as experienced by a child with CVI and some additional support needs, in a mainstream school.
  • Learning at Home
    The greatest learning opportunities come from the home, here we explain how to create a wonderfully nourishing learning environment for the person with CVI at home.
  • 3h - Reflex Vision
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 3h Introduction to the Visual Brain, Reflex Vision
  • Amelia - Becoming An Independent Teenager
    Wonderful account from a mother, matching support to her daughters actual needs, and quite literally opening up the world to her.
  • Safe Places
    The important need for those with CVI to feel safe and protected.
  • Assessing Visual Fields - Where is the Useable Vision?
    Explaining how to measure and record visual fields.
  • School Support
    Experience school as a child with CVI might, to understand the challenges they face, to make the changes they need.
  • Pick & Mix, A-Z Labels
    Alphabetical list of the labels used to describe learning, behavioural and developmental difficulties in children with CVI, and what they mean.
  • John’s Writing
    John is bright, but really struggles with writing, including writing on top of lines he has already written. We suggest a reason why.
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