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  • Font Size
    Parents and an expert teacher share their tips on choosing a font to help your child read.
  • Nicola McDowell’s Blog (10) Copying from the board
    Nicola is finding copying from the classroom board very difficult, and is struggling with work on giant A3 pages in large font.
  • Reading using Recognition
    Explaining what we mean when we suggest trying to learn to read using whole word recognition, rather than phonetically.
  • Look: Settings Instructions
    Explaining the purpose and use of the multiple settings on Look.
  • Case Study: Katherine
    Case study of eleven year old Katherine who used the LOOK reading tool, with reading using recognition, and learnt to read herself a story in two months.
  • Issue 2 Smaller is Easier
    Copy of our second newsletter, sent out on 24 April 2017.
  • Issue 5 Riddoch
    Newsletter number five, explaining how we must be a learning community.
  • Visual Acuity
    What visual acuity it, the different ways visual acuity is measured, and what those measurement mean.
  • Amelia’s Great Climb Pre-CVI
    Case study - what we need to understand about a child before considering the impact of brain based visual impairments, for example the environment and other medical conditions.
    Introduction to a number of pages explaining what acquired CVI means and different causes.
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