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  • Functional Vision
    Explaining what functional vision is.
  • Amelia’s Great Climb Level 1
    Case study - understanding visual difficulties due to decreased visual acuity, colour, contrast or visual fields.
  • Dorsal Stream Dysfunction and Neuroplasticity Paper
    Paper about the importance of neuroimaging as a tool to understand neuroplasticity, in turn to understand CVI, specifically looking at dorsal stream dysfunction.
  • Professor Barry Kran’s Guest Blog
    Professor Barry Kran, optometric director of the New England College of Optometry and Perkins School for the Blind, explains a little about his profession, and where CVI fits in.
  • Professor John Ravenscroft’s Blog
    Professor John Ravenscroft celebrates the wide, difficult, complex and extraordinary role of the teacher of pupils with visual impairments.
  • Newsletter 17 Cerebral or Cortical?
    Our Newsletter Issue 17, emailed on 9 May 2019, considering the difference between the terms cortical and cerebral visual impairments. Are they the same? Why does it matter?
  • Newsletter 19 Anatomy v Function
    Newsletter 19, emailed to subscribers on 12 August 2019 considering the relationship between function and anatomy, through examples of blindsight.
  • The Technical Stuff
    Introduction to section with more technical explanations of visual acuity and contrast sensitivity.
  • Visual Acuity
    What visual acuity it, the different ways visual acuity is measured, and what those measurement mean.
  • The Visual Acuity / Simultanagnosia Problem
    If a person has both reduced visual acuity and simultanagnostic vision, making things both bigger or smaller can create challenges.
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