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  • Guide for Parents
    Link to printable pdf version of our Guide for Parents.
  • Guide for Parents
    Link to pdf version of our Guide for Parents booklet.
  • Issue 12 Simultanagnostic Vision
    Copy of Newsletter Issue 12, emailed on 21 August 2018, with our Default CVI proposal.
  • Newsletter 22 CVI In Education
    Newsletter 22 about how VI education is changing, shifting from OVI to CVI, but are we ready? Emailed to subscribers 12 March 2020.
  • Horse Riding Guide for Parents
    Guide for parents looking at what to consider when choosing horse riding for their child with CVI.
  • CVI & Horse Riding
    Feature looking at the benefits of horse riding for people with CVI.
  • Horse Riding
    A look at why so many with CVI enjoy horse riding so much, and the benefits.
  • Irrational
    Does the person with CVI, sometimes, often or always appear irrational? Some suggested solutions here.


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