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  • School Negotiations
    Negotiating with schools around a child’s needs due to CVI can be tricky as the condition is unknown to many. We share tips and advice from our community.
  • Three Rights
    Explaining three broad areas (learning, independence and social relationships), to ensure support is purposeful.
  • White Canes & CVI
    A case study of Ashleigh who has typical visual acuity and typical visual fields, yet is profoundly sight impaired due to CVI, and has found white cane training to be of great benefit.
  • Three Rights
    A new section defining our use of the terms learning, independence and social interactions, with respect to access for those with CVI.
  • Nicola McDowell’s Blog (8) Moving between classes
    Nicola, in her latest blog, explains the very real, exhausting challenges of something we may all take for granted at school, simply transferring from one classroom to another via a busy corridor. Important read and relevant to many children in schools
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (12) Not knowing what one does not know
    What happens when you do not know that you do not know you have a visual condition? Gordon Dutton explains the particular challenges not knowing brings.
  • Professor John Ravenscroft’s Blog
    Professor John Ravenscroft celebrates the wide, difficult, complex and extraordinary role of the teacher of pupils with visual impairments.
  • Balint Syndrome
    Balint Syndrome is the most severe form of dorsal stream dysfunction.
  • Posterior Parietal Visual Dysfunction Paper
    Publication explaining the role of the posterior parietal lobes, featuring several different case studies to build understanding.
  • CVI v OVI & Neuroplasticity Paper
    Introduction and link to important paper with fascinating images, considering the difference CVI and OVI make to key pathways of the brain, and what this may mean.
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