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  • Issue 7 Light Gazing
    Copy of Newsletter 7, sent out on 8 January 2018 looking at changes in the home, clutter and light gazing.
  • Home: Learning - CVI Severely Learning Delayed
    Looking at the elements that create optimal learning opportunities for people with CVI and severe learning challenges, at home, with practical examples and suggestions.
  • Learning at Home
    The greatest learning opportunities come from the home, here we explain how to create a wonderfully nourishing learning environment for the person with CVI at home.
  • Home
    Introduction section looking at suggestions to help the person with CVI at home, and the other 85% of their time outside of school / work.
  • Safe Places
    the important need for those with cvi to feel safe and protected
  • Amelia - Becoming An Independent Teenager
    Wonderful account from a mother, matching support to her daughters actual needs, and quite literally opening up the world to her.
  • Issue 10 Eight Things to Know about CVI
    Newsletter 10, emailed to subscribers on 17 April 2018
  • School After Corona Pandemic (2020) Non-Verbal
    Using our seven steps transition guide, to help plan going back to school after corona for non verbal children.
  • Nicola McDowell’s Blog (3)
    From the very first moment I entered the house, I became anxious that it wasn’t actually my home and that these people weren’t actually my family.
  • Attention & Its Calibration
    Attention is calibrated to help us attend to what is important and not be distracted by what is not. CVI can have a huge impact on this calibration process.
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