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  • SmartSight Visual Acuity Tool
    Free visual acuity tool by SmartSight, where images can be adjusted relating to different visual acuity measurements.
  • About Us
    The Cerebral Visual Impairment Society of Scotland, explaining who we are and our purpose, that is to share our understanding of CVI and with others develop our understanding of CVI.
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (5)
    For every child with cerebral visual impairment their brains contain their own ‘normal’ virtual re-creation of their realities, and we cannot use what we see as a way of understanding what they see.
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (13)
    Gordon Dutton’s blog explains how to make the knowable unknown, known. This is essential to help those with CVI.
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (14)
    Gordon Dutton considers how children learn, and the optimum environment for children with CVI.
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog 27
    Gordon considers how our visual memories can support some of the challenges caused by dorsal stream dysfunction.
  • Simultanagnosia Spectrum Mixer-Board
    separating eight different experiences and behaviours relating to simultanagnostic vision, and looking at understanding the impact of their varying levels
  • Emotions
    considering how cvi affects emotional development and the ability to understand the emotions of others.


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About Us

At CVI Scotland we are devoted to helping people understand cerebral visual impairments, and together working towards developing the understanding of this complex condition.