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We have found 15 results across our website for keyword ‘Jigsaw Approach’ — we have listed these below, ordered by best to least relevant match.

  • ’Jigsaw’ Learning Using 3Z Approach
    Jigsaw learning, to build a bigger more complex understanding a piece at a time, like building a jigsaw. Zoom In to Zip Up then Zoom Out (3Z) and repeat.
  • 9e - Parallel Processing
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 9e CVIs Dorsal (2), Parallel Processing
  • Zoom In Zip Up Zoom Out
    An approach to learning for those affected by reduced visual attention due to simultanagnostic vision.
  • CVI Clusters Talk (Slides & Transcript)
    Adaptation of talk given by a parent explaining how they understand the combinations of CVIs we have called CVI Clusters. Slides and transcript.
  • 9d - The Sound Map
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 9c CVIs Dorsal (2), The Sound Map
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (9) The ‘Baby Talk’ method of teaching language
    Gordon Dutton considers the work of speech therapist Sally Ward and her ’Baby Talk’ method, and how it may be relevant to teaching language where CVI is present.
  • Eating
    An approach to build up a better understanding of different foods, to help those with CVI learn different foods, tastes and combinations.
  • Playground
    Approach to help a child build up a bigger understanding of a complex area like a playground.
  • Orchestra
    Approach to understanding something complex, like a whole orchestra, by building understanding one element at a time.
  • Posterior Cortical Atrophy
    Explaining what posterior cortical atrophy is, why vision is affected and many suggestions for support and help.
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