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  • Looming & Other Causes of Frights and Disorientation
    Looking at the different reasons why someone with CVI may suddenly become frightened, disorientated or anxious.
  • Nicola McDowells’ Blog (28) Time To Make Progress
    An end of year blog from Nicola McDowell, combining both frustrations and fighting spirit - it’s time to make progress!
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (7) CVI and locating sound
    During the last decade of seeing both adults and children with a wide range of types of CVI, I’ve repeatedly heard the story that those affected cannot easily tell where voices are coming from. 
  • Newsletter 28 CVI Clusters
    Newsletter 28 explaining how much more we need to learn about the underlying brain processes affecting vision, and important processes, which can be frustrating for some. Emailed to subscribers 11 Jan 2021.
  • Protective Shields
    Describing how people have explained they need to feel protected when affected by CVI.
  • CVI Frights
    Why do some with CVI suddenly become frightened, agitated, angry or confused? In this new section the causes are considered, including looming, in relation to optic ataxia.
  • Balint Syndrome
    Balint Syndrome is the most severe form of dorsal stream dysfunction.
  • Issue 1 What Is Normal?
    Our first newsletter was sent this week, sign up to receive future issues.
  • Safe Places
    The important need for those with CVI to feel safe and protected.
  • Nicola McDowell’s Blog (5) Venturing out for the first time
    In her latest fascinating blog, Nicola describes her first trip out with CVI, with considerable visual and hearing challenges.
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