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We have found 12 results across our website for keyword ‘Mobility’ — we have listed these below, ordered by best to least relevant match.

  • Amelia - Becoming An Independent Teenager
    Wonderful account from a mother, matching support to her daughters actual needs, and quite literally opening up the world to her.
  • Professor John Ravenscroft’s Blog
    Professor John Ravenscroft celebrates the wide, difficult, complex and extraordinary role of the teacher of pupils with visual impairments.
  • School Negotiations
    Sharing advice, tips and helpful contacts to support parents seeking further support for their child.
  • Home: Learning - CVI Severely Learning Delayed
    Looking at the elements that create optimal learning opportunities for people with CVI and severe learning challenges, at home, with practical examples and suggestions.
  • Three Rights
    A new section defining our use of the terms learning, independence and social interactions, with respect to access for those with CVI.
  • Issue 13 Helping Children Learn
    Copy of newsletter, emailed to subscribers on 8 October 2018.
  • Dragonfly’s Blog 2 Let’s Foster Future Independence by Teaching Strategies Today
    Dragonfly’s 2nd blog describes ’a basic strategy: step back, take a breath or two, brush yourself off, acknowledge the feelings and their underlying triggers, and then look for a different approach’
  • Access to Independence
    Section sharing successful strategies for people with CVI to gain greater independence
  • Learning at Home
    The greatest learning opportunities come from the home, here we explain how to create a wonderfully nourishing learning environment for the person with CVI at home.
  • The Lists (for Profiling Individuals with CVIs)
    A list of what we think you need to know about the person with CVIs, to learn to understand their world, and see their world as they do.
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