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  • Movement
    A brief introduction to have movement has an affect on how we see things.
  • Child with ’More than Blindsight’ Paper
    Fascinating paper about a boy who should be blind, but can see remarkably well - however beyond blindsight and Riddoch Syndrome, this boy can see colours without a primary visual cortex. Incredible!
  • Balint Syndrome
    Balint Syndrome is the most severe form of dorsal stream dysfunction.
  • Blindsight
    explaining what blindsight is and how it is experienced by people differently
  • Zoom In Zip Up Zoom Out (3Z Approach)
    Zoom In to Zip Up then Zoom Out. Approach to understanding for those with reduced visual attention due to simultanagnostic vision.
  • Looming & Other Causes of Frights and Disorientation
    Looking at the different reasons someone with CVI may suddenly become frightened, disorientated or anxious.
  • Blindsight Newspaper Feature
    Introduction to a newspaper feature on blindsight.
  • Home: Learning - CVI Severely Learning Delayed
    Looking at the elements that create optimal learning opportunities for people with CVI and severe learning challenges, at home, with practical examples and suggestions.
  • Optic Ataxia
    Section Explaining Optic Ataxia, challenges with guidance of movement and depth perception
  • Visual Fields - Where Are They?
    explaining understanding where the different visual fields are and how to measure them
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