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  • Issue 4 Cerebral Auditory Imapirment
    Newsletter Issue 4 June 2017, discussing CVI and noise / sound processing, support in schools, horse riding, and that to understand CVI requires time, work and commitment.
  • Issue 6 Matching Approaches to Difficulties
    Newsletter 6 sent to mailing list on 8 November 2017.
  • LOOK Upgrade
    Newsletter introducing new settings on LOOK reading tool, including saving settings and creating personal libraries.
  • Issue 1 What Is Normal?
    Our first newsletter was sent this week, sign up to receive future issues.
  • Issue 5 Riddoch
    Newsletter number five, explaining how we must be a learning community.
  • Pick & Mix, A-Z Labels
    Alphabetical list of the labels used to describe learning, behavioural and developmental difficulties in children with CVI, and what they mean.
  • Issue 14 CVIs As Characters
    Copy of newsletter, emailed to subscribers on Monday 19 November 2018, where we introduce a cast of performers to explain CVIs.
  • Newsletter 24 Labels
    Newsletter 24, emailed to subscribers on 26th May 2020, about the labels used to describe the learning and behavioural difficulties children with CVI have.
  • Newsletter 28 CVI Clusters
    Newsletter 28 explaining how much more we need to learn about the underlying brain processes affecting vision, and important processes, which can be frustrating for some. Emailed to subscribers 11 Jan 2021.
  • Newsletter Issue 1
    A copy of the information sent out in our first newsletter.
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