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  • Pick & Mix, Introduction
    Introduction to Pick & Mix CVI Support.
  • Pick & Mix, Personality
    Explaining what features of the personality of a person with CVI might help us understand about how their CVI affects them.
  • Newsletter 39 CVI Support - Pick & Mix 4-Step Plan
    Newsletter introducing Pick & Mix 4-Step Plan for CVI Support, emailed to subscribers 28 March 2022.
  • Pick & Mix , Non-Verbal Children - Personality
    Explaining how to use the Pick & Mix section in understanding how CVI affects a child’s personality and behaviours, for non-verbal people.
  • Pick & Mix, Labels
    Many people with CVI have been attributed different labels around learning, development and behaviour. Introduction to list explaining what the labels do and do not mean.
  • Pick & Mix , Non-Verbal Children - Introduction
    Introduction to our Pick & Mix selections, written specially for non-verbal children, where you pick only the topics relevant to the person you support.
  • Pick & Mix
    Link to pages on section Pick & Mix, offering simple short suggestions to challenges.
  • Pick & Mix: Food
    CVI practical support suggestions around food, enjoying food, preparing food, trying new foods, eating and eating out.
  • Pick & Mix: The Home
    CVI practical support suggestions around making the home more comfortable, enjoyable and independently accessible for everyone using the house or space, including the person with CVI.
  • Pick & Mix, Wheelchair Users
    Some additional information specific to wheelchair users with CVI, using Pick & Mix.
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