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  • Protective Shields
    Describing how people have explained they need to feel protected when affected by CVI.
  • Protective Shields - feeding a non-conscious urge to feel protected
    Many people affected by CVI have shared a need to feel protected. This section considers the reasons why, and ways that understanding can be turned into useful everyday strategies.
  • Issue 1 What Is Normal?
    Our first newsletter was sent this week, sign up to receive future issues.
  • Corona, Change and CVI
    Newsletter about how huge changes due to the Conona virus can be particularly challenging for people with CVI, and very simple measures to help.
  • Squeezing into boxes and small spaces.
    Considering the reasons why a child like might to squeeze into a small space, like a box, or enjoy being squeezed.
  • Newsletter Issue 1
    A copy of the information sent out in our first newsletter.
  • Horse Riding
    A look at why so many with CVI enjoy horse riding so much, and the benefits.
  • Attention & Its Calibration
    Attention is calibrated to help us attend to what is important and not be distracted by what is not. CVI can have a huge impact on this calibration process.
  • Frightened
    Does the person with CVI, sometimes, often or always appear frightened? Some suggested solutions here.
  • Frightened (Non-Verbal Children)
    Does the non-verbal person with CVI, sometimes, often or always seem frightened? Some suggested explanations and solutions.
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