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  • Reading To Your Child For Fun - books, magazines, comics, anything!
    Parents share their experiences teaching their child with CVI a love of books.
  • Reading using Recognition
    Explaining what we mean when we suggest trying to learn reading using recognition, rather than phonetically.
  • Case Study: Katherine
    Case study of eleven year old Katherine who used Look with reading using recognition and learnt to read herself a story in two months.
  • Font Size
    Parents and an expert teacher share their tips on choosing a font to help your child read.
  • Look Reading Tool by CVI Scotland
    Copy of newsletter sent 6 Oct 2017 introducing CVI Scotland’s new reading tool Look
  • Developmental Dyslexia Paper
    Introduction and link to paper explaining the history and journey of our understanding of developmental dyslexia, with a few important lessons for our world of the CVIs.
  • Sean Reading at Home
    Storyboard using edited images to show how having CVI can affect reading, and it can look a lot like dyslexia.
  • Story-time (Amelia)
    real example explaining why one child with CVI did not enjoy the experience of stories being told to her, and what changed so that now she loves it.
  • Katie’s Reading
    Katie loves reading, and is sometimes an excellent reader, but sometimes it’s like she can’t read at all, Maybe she is distracted? Maybe it’s dyslexia. It’s CVI, but no one knows.
  • Look
    Look is a reading tool developed by CVI Scotland to help people with CVI learn t read and improve their reading.
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