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  • Visual Fields - Where Are They?
    Explaining where the different visual fields are, and how to measure them.
  • Visual Fields - What Are They?
    Once the visual field has been established, an introduction to understanding what any impairment may mean.
  • Assessing Visual Fields - Where is the Useable Vision?
    Explaining how to measure and record visual fields.
  • Nicola McDowells’ Blog (27) Blindsight
    In this fascinating blog, Nicola McDowell explains how she learnt to regain conscious vision in her right visual field where she had no vision! Blindsight.
  • The Visual Field
    A brief introduction to visual fields, visual field impairment and hemianopia.
  • CVIs
    List of brain related impairments of vision. Most, but not all, come under the umbrella term cerebral visual impairments (CVIs).
  • 3d - Visual Fields
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 3d Introduction to the Visual Brain, Visual Fields
  • White Canes & CVI
    A case study of Ashleigh who has typical visual acuity and typical visual fields, yet is profoundly sight impaired due to CVI, and has found white cane training liberating.
  • The Visual Brain
    An explanation of the visual brain and where the visual field is created, in the occipital lobes.
  • Blindsight
    Explaining what blindsight is and how it is experienced differently by people.
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