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  • Visual Neglect & Visual Inattention
    Explaining what visual inattention and visual neglect are, including how they are different.
  • 6c - Hemi Inattention and Neglect
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 6c CVIs Visual Field Impairments, Hemi Inattention and Neglect
  • CVIs
    List of brain related impairments of vision. Most, but not all, come under the umbrella term cerebral visual impairments (CVIs).
  • 6d - Lower Visual Field Impairment
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 6d CVIs Visual Field Impairments, Lower Visual Field Impairment
  • Combined Hemianopia and Visual Inattention or Neglect
    Considering the implications of combined hemianopia with inattention or neglect.
  • Blindsight
    Explaining what blindsight is and how it is experienced differently by people.
  • Lower Visual Field Impairment
    Explaining what a lower visual field impairment is, and how is can be different for different people.
  • Amelia’s Great Climb Pre-CVI
    Case study - what we need to understand about a child before considering the impact of brain based visual impairments, for example the environment and other medical conditions.
  • Amelia’s Great Climb Level 1
    Case study - understanding visual difficulties due to decreased visual acuity, colour, contrast or visual fields.
  • Issue 9 Cause or Behaviour?
    Newsletter 8 sent 27 February 2018, if your answer to a question is ’because of CVI’ it is likely you are missing a lot about CVI.
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